How to add 3D packages to your components in EAGLE

I started writing this out in email form to reply to someone stuck trying to add custom 3D models to her parts. I thought I may as well just copy it here for all to see. I’ll clean it up at a later date, promise!

  1. Create a normal library from the EAGLE Control panel (File -> New -> Library). 
  2. Insert your “specific” components into the library, there’s a number of ways to copy them in.
  3. Then open the library and create a managed library:
  1. Then hit Create in the box that shows up.
  1. Now you’ve got your models and a managed library to link the models to the parts with, go to (I know – it’s weird, I think Autodesk bought this company out, and now you have to manage your 3D packages in this web interface). Sign in
  2. Go to the 3D models tab, hit Upload 3D Model:
  1. Upload all your models
  1. Next (hopefully you’ve already got all the parts (Symbols, footprints, devices) in your library and you just need to link the 3D models to them) click Packages:
  1. For each of your parts here, click on them and hit Edit:
  1. In the editor interface, hit Add:
  1. Now you can add one of your uploaded 3D models to the package, the translation and rotation interface is a little clunky. If the parts are really difficult to align. I suggest editing the package and 3D model so their origins are in the same place (normally a central pin or front of a face)
  2. Once you’re happy with the placement of the component, you must click the orange Unsaved button:
  1. Hit Create a version. This package is now finished!
  2. Once all your packages have been linked to 3D models, you now need to go back to EAGLE, open your managed library and click Update to latest version:
  1. Pat yourself on the back!

It’s a bit of a job and there’s a myriad of ways this procedure could be improved. As with most EAGLE workflows – this is much easier when everything is ready before you start, most crucially the 3D model and package origins. If they don’t match up then it could take a good 15 minutes to align them. If you’ve got many parts to do then that definitely adds up!

Again, if you’ve got any issues, just send me an email!


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