How to Convert between BRep and Mesh Models in Fusion 360

Sometimes working with meshes can be difficult, simple triangles are not best suited to fully describe anything but the most complex forms. This is where BRep comes in, this is Boundary Representation, instead of just using dumb triangles to form an arbitrary shape, it uses the boundaries, or outer limits of the shape to define it.

As a result, it’s light on file-size but still defines the geometry of your part precisely. Now unfortunately 3D printers and 3D scanning heads don’t work like this. They work using meshes and point clouds:

Point cloud of a torus, or a doughnut! (thanks Lucas for free copyright)

Now these ways to represent geometry are often useful for arbitrary (random) shapes, but they take up a lot of space. They also don’t fully define any features, they’re like a “best-fit”. That’s why we use BRep for storing models, we only really want to convert a model to a mesh when sending them to a 3D-Printer.

Convert from BRep to Mesh

  1. Activate “Mesh Preview” in preferences
Go to preferences, in the top right corner of Fusion360
Click the bottom tab “Preview Features”, then tick the checkbox “Mesh Workspace”

2. Create Mesh

In your Design workspace (where it says design in the top-left), click the CREATE dropdown and “Create Mesh”

3. Click BRep to Mesh Comand

4. Select body

Select body, change settings as required. Click OK

5. Hit OK

6. View your new Mesh!

Looking good!

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